Shutters come in multiple varieties determined by their design, color, material and strength. This leaves you with numerous options when shopping for shutters to install in your home.

The material used in manufacture is one of the main differentiators. This is why you find Wood Shutters, others made of metal and even composite materials. The material determines such properties as strength of the shutter and its durability. The materials will also determine the cost of the shutter.

There are numerous considerations when choosing shutters for your house. This is because of the fact that not all shutters will provide the aesthetics you need, the strength, architectural preferences and budgetary ability. You have to choose a combination of properties that can only be found in one variety of shutters and not another.

Wood and vinyl shutters are the two common options available in the market. Wood offers own advantages but also has disadvantages. Vinyl on the other hand has advantages and disadvantages that must be considered when making a choice. In order to make the best decision, you need to consider the unique properties of each of the shutter varieties and make the right choice.

Advantage of Shutters Made of Wood

This is a classic option for most homeowners. Wood has been used for years and is therefore a highly reliable option when choosing shutters. But why should you choose wood shutters over vinyl or any other material?

  • Attractive- wood is a classic building material. It remains one of the most attractive on your window and will add to the value and aesthetics of your house. This makes your house to standout and is a preference for many people buying houses. It is easy to style and will therefore enable you to fit any architectural style. Wood is available in unlimited color options and can also be stained into any color. This makes it an ideal option for most home owners.
  • Strength- shutters are installed to protect your home from storms and also offer an added layer of security. This is the strength you get when you choose wood as the material for your shutters. Beyond being stronger, it is a light material when used on shutters. This allows you to have a large shutter that is not too heavy to burden your window. Even on a large window, you can still cover the area with two panels and not worry about damage by strong winds.
  • Color options- wood comes in a variety of colors. They range from shades of dart to almost white. This allows you to maintain the natural look of wood without using artificial paints. Alternatively, you can stain the wood to capture your desired colors. The stain does not interfere with the natural look of wood. This means that the texture and grains on your wood will be maintained. Whether you use it inside or outside, you will have the best shutters in the neighborhood.
  • Low maintenance- wood is a naturally occurring material and will therefore not require a lot of maintenance attention. Wood can survive in hot and cold areas without losing its properties. This means that you will be having an easy time with your shutters. After installation, there is no need to spend a lot in keeping the shutters in shape or looking elegant. This is also enhanced by the strength of wood, meaning that it does not require frequent repair and replacement. It will survive several storms before requiring replacement.
  • Safety and security- shutters are installed for the twin purpose of safety and security. Wood will not compromise any of these two. Wood does not break or bend easily. This means that your house and property will be adequately protected. Even in a storm, your properties and people in the house will feel secure with shutters installed in the house.

Wood is an excellent material when you want to customize your shutters to fit your architectural design. It can take any design and even color. However, wood is relatively expensive considering that it is naturally occurring.

Advantages of Using Vinyl on Your Shutters

Vinyl is a manufactured material used on shutters. It is one of the modern options for home owners. Vinyl shutters are available in the market and offer numerous advantages. Here are some of these advantages that you should consider when shopping for shutters.

  • Durable–vinyl is manufactured from polyethylene products. This makes it resistant or resilient when faced with prolonged periods of harsh weather. It means that you do not have to worry about replacing the shutters for years after installation.
  • Affordable-vinyl is an incredibly affordable material compared to the naturally occurring wood. Shutters made of vinyl will cost a fraction of what those made of wood will cost. This allows you to build a house made of high quality materials without spending a fortune.
  • Easy to manipulate-there are customized vinyl shutters on demand. They allow you to choose the color, texture, design and even size of your shutters. This means that you can match your architectural preferences with customized shutters. You are not restricted to adapt the designs available in the market.
  • Cheap to maintain- vinyl is durable and does not require a lot of attention to maintain. In factFind Article, you will install the shutters and leave them to their elements for years. There are no expenses in keeping the shutters functional. It will not require polishing or painting after installation. This leaves you with a zero maintenance budget.
  • Strong- vinyl is a heavy material. This means that the shutters can withstand the heavy pounding of a storm and still survive the next season. They will also protect your home from burglars. This leaves you with the best material for use in manufacture of shutters.

The choice of shutters for your home or windows should be determined by personal preferences. Ensure that the architectural design of the shutters complements that of your entire house. Look at the long term benefits in terms of strength and maintenance to get the best shutters for your house. Consult experts to get the best shutters.


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